Greece – If they come for their wages shoot them, they are only immigrants

Whether such a statement had ever been silently conveyed to the overseers of that farm by their master it is not really important. The shooting is not the crime, but only in the eyes of bourgeois law, the shooting is the result of a crime, that is present daily and in the form of the reduction of human existence to a status lower than that of slavery.

The modern slave is the working class confined within the boundaries of their modern prison, the bourgeois nation state. Bound by the law of the land and the administrators of that law and their rulers. Bound by national sentiments and the educators and propagators of those sentiments and their rulers. Bound by the enforcers of the law and their masters. Bound by petty bourgeois politics and parliamentary charades and the masters of that grand illusion of democracy. Bound by the infinite nature of economic sub existence. No the immigrant is not the slave, the worker is the slave. The immigrant exists in the darkest alleys of life and history of the oppressed classes, not as a social entity but only as a cheap producing animal.

A fascist in Greek parliament proclaimed that the attack was not of a racial character. Alas the scum is right. The attack was not of a racial character. If the modern overseers could as they could, not so long ago, they would have used the same brute force against any worker of any colour of any nationality. No this was an attack of a class character. This was an attack to the most vulnerable and defenceless section of the working class. A section that exists outside bourgeois law, not because modern bourgeois society hasn’t found a way of dealing with the matter. No, as far as they are concerned they have dealt with the matter very accurately in relation to the needs of global capital, as they have created a universal grey zone of exploitation, an international corridor of brutality which millions of workers undertake in a journey of cheap labour and sustainment of capitalist profits.

The reason of this existence is because the working classes are in a state of retreat. Initially trying to cocoon their struggle within their own individual States, and when that doesn’t work they try within their own economic section and so on. Continuously building more walls, that can only serve the purpose of separating brothers and sisters in arms. Like watching a pack of hyenas attacking a herd and separating the most vulnerable, through that process the most vulnerable workers are left in the open, unprotected ready to be consumed by the hunger of capital. Thus racism here is used to cover the true nature of the class struggle, appeasing a large section of the working class with the unique, racial, nature of such an incident when it can only be a warning on how far the bosses are willing to go to protect their profits.

What unites the workers however is by far more spectacular than what divides them, and soon the weight of the need of unity will crash the walls of political fragmentation. The modern political overseers of the bourgeoisie, situated in the traditional parties of the working class must be fought and brushed aside, with international campaigns supported and actively instigated by all sections of the working class. The right to unionise belongs to all workers universally regardless of origin and bourgeois State legality, from day one. This must be the point of origin regarding this issue with the unions breaking from bourgeois State law and commencing a recruitment to incorporate into their ranks all immigrant and migrant workers. And then let us see how brave they are with their guns.


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