Greece – What the state giveth, the state taketh away

The sudden closure of the Greek state TV and radio network is a welcoming reminder of the most fundamental truth of capitalist society. Everything that exists and was created by the bourgeois state is simply there to provide the illusion of social ownership and the sense of social togetherness.

It is another example how the state – and as a consequence society in general, since it exists in an enslaved nature through the state’s immense concentration of political power – will face cultural and political transformation in the hands of every political entity that captures it’s machinery either through the means of bourgeois democracy or through the direct seizure of power. It is a reminder that as long as this leviathan of bourgeois historical origins is dismantled, everything that society produces either culturally or economically will never have the essence of socialization but on the contrary will be to serve the cultural and economic needs of the power that control the state and all attached to it.

The state in its nature contains the reactionary element of power consolidation which stands in direct opposition to humanity’s historical quest of a classless society and democracy. And so, because of this it is incapable as an institution to represent and shelter such political endeavors that are in general found in what is described as a socialist society. Its function is to provide the illusion of democracy or that of a classless society until it becomes necessary for the sake of democracy or of the needs of a classless society to smash with violence every concession given so far and every freedom needed. And although at different times in humanity’s history and since its establishment, has changed different hands, it has nevertheless, one way or the other always returned to its true master and creator, the bourgeoisie. Through this, bourgeois society has spawned the greatest illusion of all, in that by capturing the state, society can be transformed into a classless and more democratic existence.

In this small example taking place in a small European country, the working class as ever is faced with a choice between two cultural-political entities. The past masters of the Greek state, and the true masters of the Greek state. The reformists, spanning from the most conservative and right-wing to the most progressive and left-wing, represented by the political parties that occupy the center left and left sphere of bourgeois politics, reminiscent of their petty bourgeois culture and grant illusion of social democracy, observe with horror as the true masters of the Greek state, the Greek bourgeoisie, strengthened by the financial and political support of the European and international bourgeoisie, smash through the illusions of parliamentary democracy, trade unionism, human rights, workers rights and so on, proclaiming to do so for the sake of democracy and freedom, but only in reality to serve the needs of their precious capital and their cultural need to transform society in accordance to modern bourgeois liberalism.

And so, as long as socialists are fixated, practically and theoretically, with the capturing of the leviathan rather than with its demise, the beast will always return to serve the heart and mind of its true master.


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