The victory of reformism and the reactionary character of Greek Marxism.


In the days after the referendum the final chapter of SYRIZA’s political history began to be written. With the sense of political liberation the referendum had provided, the leadership of the party moved away from the left reformist wing of SYRIZA’s parliamentary group, at first by establishing that very night a parliamentary alliance with the opposition parties, and afterwards, in the days that followed, with the unconditional acceptance of a new deal by the European political establishment. The referendum set the stage for a political catharsis to take place and created a means for the buildup of political frustration, that was overwhelming Greek society, to become defused through the illusion of individual democratic power. Every question that materialized throughout the last period in relation to the economic and political crisis Greek society was facing culminating to the day of the referendum, became enclosed within a meaningless expression of social patriotism; with the result of that expression baring no responsibility to address let alone answer those questions. Read More


The demise of Syriza and European left populism


While every worker in Greece should have voted for Syriza in the 25th of January elections the Greek working class found itself politically and culturally absent. In its totality the Greek working class had joined the ranks of the petty bourgeoisie, assimilating its program and various political perspectives scattering itself politically and electorally across the field of bourgeois democracy. And so it came to be that what was described as a revolutionary movement charging throughout the southern European states, its prime expression rose to power in a most unrevolutionary manner, with no revolutionary forces behind it and no revolutionary program; just an echo of past voices and slogans, a shadow of old struggles and victories. Switch off the lights, and the shadow is lost in the darkness of populism, illuminate and the truth of its unsubstantial existence becomes evident.

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When the working class is attacked in the streets, bourgeois democracy becomes uncovered. Underneath the glamorous clothing of bourgeois morality and ethics the ugliness of bourgeois society is revealed. The more heinous the attack the bigger the stench it produces; and the potential level of social decomposition has no limits with the memories of mountains of human flesh standing as a testament to the unlimited inhumanity bourgeois civilization and culture offers as a response to those that wish to dream of a world without them. Read More

The sudden closure of the Greek state TV and radio network is a welcoming reminder of the most fundamental truth of capitalist society. Everything that exists and was created by the bourgeois state is simply there to provide the illusion of social ownership and the sense of social togetherness. Read More

On the day the national union of teachers would defy the Greek state’s show of force, by entering in its first day of industrial action, its members instead found themselves to be the receptors of government gratification for continuing with their duties. And so, once again, in the most unceremonious manner Greek workers were lined up for a battle their leaders never wished to fight. Read More

Two months after the Greek State unleashed its biggest attack against organized labor, since the start of the global financial crisis, the political representatives of the domestic and international bourgeoisie, took the decision to move the celebration of Mayday to the 7th of May, in an effort to make it an extension of the Greek Orthodox Easter, thinking that such an action would defuse any attempt to give momentum back to the movement opposing the government. They were right. Despite the calls from the leaderships of the General Associations of Trade Unions (private and public sectors), few responded to the call, exhibiting on the one hand the political weakness of the Greek working class in this point of time, and on the other, the numbness the movement is experiencing in the aftermath of the big strike actions that had taken place in February and March. Read More

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