The message Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign needs to take to the British working class


There is a fundamental difference between the democratic values social democracy has historically furnished and passed on from generation to generation for more than a century, to the democratic values bourgeois democracy has thus far stood upon and has used to pacify and conceal the reality of oppression in modern society. Our democracy is that of social responsibility and political engagement while theirs is the breeder of apathy, social disassociation and resentment.
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There is a deep irony evident in the circumstances that surround the political life of the European working class, presiding in the vast difference between north and south and more acutely in the profound alternate existence the Greek working class finds itself to that of the German. While in Germany organised labor advances strongly with unprecedented industrial action in the country’s post war history, in Greece after an indecisive attempt in 2013 it has withdrawn under a sentiment of defeatism and impotence. It is an irony that exists between two sections of the European working class which underlines the fundamental issues that concern the essence of class struggle in Europe, displaying on the one hand the backwardness of the working class culturally today, and on the other the politically evolutionary process modern trade unionism is undergoing. Read More

The most fundamental victory the bourgeoisie enjoyed throughout their dominance as a class, and their socio-economic transformation of modern society was not that against communism or even against the idea of communism; their victory runs much deeper into the human soul than the theoretical discussion of the practicalities on the implementation of a socialist or a communist model of administration or the economic basis found in capitalist society that determines the need for a revolutionary transformation of society. Read More

As another member of the Euro zone enters a period of extensive economic and social depression the talks predicting the collapse of initially the European community and afterwards the world order as we know it become more extensive by the day. The people most affected have to deal with their disillusionment for life itself via making sense of the economic jargon and constant scaremongering extended to them via the political establishment and the media. Read More

The role of revolutionary philosophy has always been to identify the class antagonism that is present in every society and provide an analysis of the socio-economic development that each society has undergone from precisely that perspective. The role of revolutionary politics on the other hand, has always been to arm the impoverished sections of society with the political ideas, through which they will be able to identify themselves as a class opposed to the ruling class, and ultimately become aware of its historical role to transform society through revolutionary struggle and give birth to a new era in human history. That is to say, the role of revolutionary politics is to provide the political framework through which class consciousness will become revolutionary consciousness. . Read More

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