The message Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign needs to take to the British working class


There is a fundamental difference between the democratic values social democracy has historically furnished and passed on from generation to generation for more than a century, to the democratic values bourgeois democracy has thus far stood upon and has used to pacify and conceal the reality of oppression in modern society. Our democracy is that of social responsibility and political engagement while theirs is the breeder of apathy, social disassociation and resentment.
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Why the labor movement should be against the living wage and in favor of the minimum wage.


The issue of the minimum wage is not an economic but a political; It can only be addressed and propagated as a social demand; it is society’s testament as to what it would accept as the lowest a worker should be paid. A testament to its degree of humanity but also a testament to the social, cultural and political cohesiveness of the working class. Its existence as a social demand, recognizes the limitation of the economic struggle (trade union struggle) to economically advance the working class as a whole, rather than those workers organised within strong sections of the trade union movement, that may temporarily be able to subtract a small proportion of the profits, being attached to a prosperous section of the economy, or attached to the state through public service using its position as a leverage for further concessions. Hence the minimum wage is not part of the bargaining ability of any organized section of the working class but represents the political state workers as a class find themselves in society. Its proponents emerge with a selfless outward social outlook of the relationship between capital and labor. Read More

It is with great interest that the broad labour movement must follow the ongoing events concerning the future of the link between the Labour Party and the Trade Unions, for, underneath the masks of Party democracy and workers representation the leading protagonists are wearing on the stage of this farcical play, we find the ugliness of their true intentions. Indeed, this is nothing but a power struggle between the modern servants of the British financial oligarchy. An intent by both sides, the petty bourgeois labour politicians on the one hand and the petty bourgeois trade union bureaucrats on the other, to demonstrate to their masters their political importance as pacifiers, modifiers, regulators, of the political beast that is the British working class, and the danger Its political unification within the Labour Party holds for the British establishment. Read More

Of all the spineless political acts that exist, the petty bourgeois Labour councillors of Harrow council decided to perform the worst. In a moment of clumsy political adventurism they moved to withdraw from the Labour group and form their own independent group, thus passing over the council effortless and at will, potentially, into the hands of a Conservative led coalition. And all that, in the name of the working class. Read More

It is of importance to ask why at this point of time when in Britain and around the world the ramifications of the ongoing economic crisis has resulted to an unprecedented attack on workers around the world in every aspect of their life, such an importance is given to the changing of the current electoral system in Britain. Read More

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