Venezuela and left-wing adventurism


As the Venezuelan government moves to secure its position of power in a political struggle where from the beginning the Venezuelan working class has assumed the role of an extra rather than the lead, the revolutionary left around the world has been trapped in a theoretical discussion where the question of class has been absent from the start.

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And so like it started, it has come to finish. The Bolivarian revolution started with an electoral result and it finished with another. What remains in the middle is the emptiness of a populist struggle, the disappointment of a struggle with no advancement but the advancement of disillusionment and fear of a past that was thought to have gone, becoming the present once more. Read More

The current dilemma that the Venezuelan working class is facing is precisely of the end nature of the current revolutionary period. Over the past few months we have witnessed the increasing disillusionment of a large section of the population with the government of Hugo Chavez and its inability to bring about a solution to the social and economic problems that the vast majority of the population is facing. The theoretical bankruptcy of the Venezuelan social democratic party AD, under the current leadership of bourgeois representatives, on the one hand, and the socio-economic deficiency of the Venezuelan capitalism on the other, has placed the Venezuelan proletariat and peasantry in the midst of political obscurity and disarmament, and like a rug is pulled and ripped to pieces on the one side by a dog and on the other by a wolf. Read More

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