When the working class is attacked in the streets, bourgeois democracy becomes uncovered. Underneath the glamorous clothing of bourgeois morality and ethics the ugliness of bourgeois society is revealed. The more heinous the attack the bigger the stench it produces; and the potential level of social decomposition has no limits with the memories of mountains of human flesh standing as a testament to the unlimited inhumanity bourgeois civilization and culture offers as a response to those that wish to dream of a world without them. Read More


The most fundamental victory the bourgeoisie enjoyed throughout their dominance as a class, and their socio-economic transformation of modern society was not that against communism or even against the idea of communism; their victory runs much deeper into the human soul than the theoretical discussion of the practicalities on the implementation of a socialist or a communist model of administration or the economic basis found in capitalist society that determines the need for a revolutionary transformation of society. Read More

It is with great interest that the broad labour movement must follow the ongoing events concerning the future of the link between the Labour Party and the Trade Unions, for, underneath the masks of Party democracy and workers representation the leading protagonists are wearing on the stage of this farcical play, we find the ugliness of their true intentions. Indeed, this is nothing but a power struggle between the modern servants of the British financial oligarchy. An intent by both sides, the petty bourgeois labour politicians on the one hand and the petty bourgeois trade union bureaucrats on the other, to demonstrate to their masters their political importance as pacifiers, modifiers, regulators, of the political beast that is the British working class, and the danger Its political unification within the Labour Party holds for the British establishment. Read More

The sudden closure of the Greek state TV and radio network is a welcoming reminder of the most fundamental truth of capitalist society. Everything that exists and was created by the bourgeois state is simply there to provide the illusion of social ownership and the sense of social togetherness. Read More

On the day the national union of teachers would defy the Greek state’s show of force, by entering in its first day of industrial action, its members instead found themselves to be the receptors of government gratification for continuing with their duties. And so, once again, in the most unceremonious manner Greek workers were lined up for a battle their leaders never wished to fight. Read More

Of all the spineless political acts that exist, the petty bourgeois Labour councillors of Harrow council decided to perform the worst. In a moment of clumsy political adventurism they moved to withdraw from the Labour group and form their own independent group, thus passing over the council effortless and at will, potentially, into the hands of a Conservative led coalition. And all that, in the name of the working class. Read More

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